For over 65 years, our board certified real estate agents have been serving the community of South Central Indiana. Our mission is to provide members with education, services and resources that will promote their success and encourage competency, integrity, and professionalism; to enhance the REALTOR® image in the community; and to act as a united voice in safeguarding private property rights.

Our vision is for our members to achieve a higher level of professionalism by encouraging them to have a more active role within the association. Our goal is to be a resource center for real estate so that the community and others can rely on us for the services that they need. We want to become more involved within the community, informing the public of our services in conjunction with providing value to the community and helping to establish Bartholomew County as an attractive, sought after community in which to live.

2017 Officers

  • Leigh Burchyett

    Leigh Burchyett

  • Jeff Jewett

    Jeff Jewett

    Past President
  • Jodi Wright

    Jodi Wright

  • Spring Parsons

    Spring Parsons

  • Tyler Meyer

    Tyler Meyer



  • Robyn Agnew

    Robyn Agnew

  • Annette Donica-Blythe

    Annette Donica-Blythe

  • Barb Masters

    Barb Masters

  • Jon Scheidt

    Jon Scheidt

  • Greg Simo

    Greg Simo

  • Roberta Smith

    Roberta Smith

Meet Our Staff

  • Jayne Hege

    Jayne Hege

    Association Executive

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